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BANNER Better Sleep May 2018

Sunday, May 6, 2:00 to 4:00 pm, YOGA FOR BETTER SLEEP Workshop!  All Levels; $20 with Pre-Registration Required/$25 at the door.  Ready to make lifestyle shifts and learn yogic technqiues that allow your body and mind to systematically relax into deeper states of calm to prepare yourself for sleep?  Then save your place here.

Come learn tension-relieving warm-ups and yoga postures, restorative yoga techniques to calm and still both body and mind, and precise breathing practices that encourage rest, relaxation, and better sleep.

Together we will practice a sequence that helps you slowly, gently, and incrementally let go to prepare the whole being to settle into a deeper rest.  This lesson includes active standing postures, forward folds, chest and shoulder openers, and then rounds out with restorative postures on the floor that are supported with luxurious yoga props and then passively held so the body incrementally softens any gripping and relaxes into openness of hips, shoulders, and deeper breathing.  Once you are fully relaxed, you will be guided through three different systematic relaxation practices that merge breathing techniques alongside concentration and visualization exercises.

We’ll review precise meditation techniques that help soothe a racing mind, including an approach of “Witness Consciousness” as well as a quieting “Moon Meditation.”  These are incredibly simple, and perfect for even those new to meditation.  Also included is a detailed study sheet; it includes lots of tips, resources, as well as illustrations and instructions of a specific sequence so you can remember what we did in class, refine these healthy habits at home, and cultivate the long-term benefits of these practices.

READY FOR BETTER SLEEP THROUGH YOGIC TECHNIQUES?  Know you want to be there?  YES, PLEASE!  Then register here to invest in this special one-day workshop, Better Sleep with Yoga, and rest assured that your place is secured.




HI passport size, 2 x 2 in

Welcome, yoga enthusiasts and those that are simply curious about yoga!  Would you like to feel more ease and steadiness so you can approach your day with joy?  Yoga & Meditation can help, and I am grateful to be able to bring these deep practices to you.  We can all benefit from Yoga & Meditation.

I am Virginia Hill,your devoted yoga teacher and the driving force behind AHA Yoga, and I am thrilled to connect with you for these upcoming special events.


And as someone who has suffered from various permutations of insomnia and interrupted sleep for years, I can assure you that relief is possible, though it most often takes a variety and different combinations of various natural yogic and related techniques.  I am happy to share what has worked for me and my students in the workshop Yoga for Better Sleep.  It is crucial to understand–as with any issue concerning overall well-beingthat deep, lasting change will come only from inward shifts, accessing the capacities that already reside within you.  Yoga and meditation help with just that–becoming aware of your own empowerment.




Yoga & Meditation have changed my life for the better, so I am confident in the potency of these offerings.  Come study and practice with me as we share these increible practices and make our bodies, minds, and lives more easeful, joyful, and radiant.

suwannee river yoga for sun salue promoI am very proud to announce that I have paired up with Suwannee River Yoga to bring you these latest yoga offering!  These WORKSHOPSwill be held at the gorgeous practice space owned and operated by Dottie Price, in White Springs, Florida.  Come check out her wonderful studio, right near the historic center of town and a close trek away from the Suwannee River itself.  Ample parallel parking is on Hamilton Street just behind the studio.  You can’t miss it, as this lovely and inspiring space stands out!

Find Suwannee River Yoga at 16548 Spring Street, White Springs, Florida.

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It is an honor to teach yoga and meditation to lessen mind-chatter and increase awareness, internal peace, and overall DELIGHT.  I know on a deep visceral, mental, emotional, and spiritual level the benefits yoga and meditation can cultivate in your life, and love sharing this wisdom, so look forward every day to sharing it.  I serve committed students who are ready for transformation.  Let’s connect if this sounds enticing to you.

Virginia Hill, AHA Yoga Teacher

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