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What is Yin Yoga, and Why Do It?

  What is Yin Yoga, and Why Do It? Yin yoga is a slower, more visibly passive form of yoga, yet it leads to very deep opening.  The focus is upon gradually stretching to release even connective tissue around the joints, particularly the knees, pelvis, sacrum, and spine.  Because this approach requires us to slow… Continue reading What is Yin Yoga, and Why Do It?

Alligator Yoga · Anatomy · Asanas (Poses) · Yoga Lake City Florida · Yoga Pain Relief · yoga rotator cuff injury

Yoga for Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulders are strong yet vulnerable parts of our bodies.  Pain at the outer top tip of the shoulders is prevalent and often happens through minor injuries or overuse from everyday movements, such as bracing a fall or moving things on high shelves.  Incorrect alignment in yoga poses can also aggravate such problems.  Though shoulder anatomy is built… Continue reading Yoga for Shoulder Pain Relief