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Yoga for Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulders are strong yet vulnerable parts of our bodies.  Pain at the outer top tip of the shoulders is prevalent and often happens through minor injuries or overuse from everyday movements, such as bracing a fall or moving things on high shelves.  Incorrect alignment in yoga poses can also aggravate such problems.  Though shoulder anatomy is built… Continue reading Yoga for Shoulder Pain Relief

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Yoga, Safety, and Well-Being.

Two of the best things to ensure your safety during yoga are also two of the best benefits of regular yoga practice:  Self-awareness and Non-violence. Loren Fishman is an expert in medical yoga and is affectionately referred to as the “Doctor of Yoga.”  Fishman is a physician specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well… Continue reading Yoga, Safety, and Well-Being.

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Why Use a Yoga Strap?

In AHA! Yoga sessions, we often use yoga straps.  No, it is not a strange torture device, nor is it meant to stick you in difficult yoga poses.  A yoga strap can help you get all the benefits from specific postures, while maintaining comfort and ease.  It allows you to practice proper alignment without strain, making… Continue reading Why Use a Yoga Strap?

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Your Knees are Precious

A safe, beneficial yoga practice must take great care of your precious knees. Misalignment of the knee often happens over time, and through hyperextension or overexertion.  Our bodies are prone to this misalignment because our hip joints are wider than our knee joints.  As we age, this natural shape creates uneven contraction of the quadriceps,… Continue reading Your Knees are Precious

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Creating a Safe Yoga Practice

The most important safety technique during yoga practice is simpler–and harder–than you may imagine:  Self-awareness.  What are you feeling today, and where do you feel it?  What parts of your body need attention, and do those parts need more work or more rest?  Learning to be aware of bodily sensations and then to actually follow those cues… Continue reading Creating a Safe Yoga Practice

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What type of yoga do you teach?

Yoga Styles Taught through Alligator Healing Arts Yoga: All sessions taught through AHA! Yoga focus on the fundamentals of yoga postures, including standing, sitting, twisting, and supine poses.  The emphasis always rests on doing what is right for your individual body and mind that particular day.  Props such as blocks, straps, cushions, and even chairs… Continue reading What type of yoga do you teach?

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To the Moon & Back: Ardha Chandrasana

  Try this lovely lateral bend, side stretch, and balancing pose, for a vast array of benefits.  Practice it at your next yoga class or private session. ARDHA CHANDRASANA:   ARDHA CHANDRASANA = HALF MOON POSE Pronounced:  /ARD—hah—Chan—DRAH—sah—nah/ “Ardha” means “half,” while “Chandra” is usually translated as “moon.”  “Chandra” also means “shining, glittering, luminous, having the… Continue reading To the Moon & Back: Ardha Chandrasana

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Parighasana: Opening the Gate

PARIGHASANA = GATE POSE This elegant yoga pose opens the hips, improves breathing, and more.  Try it during your yoga practice. Pronounced:  /PARE—eee—GAHZ—ah—nah/ “Parigha” refers to the iron bar or latch that is used to shut or lock a gate.  During this pose, your body resembles that cross beam and latch. Pose Level:  1 Physical… Continue reading Parighasana: Opening the Gate

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Yoga Classes in Lake City, Florida

  The mission of Alligator Healing Arts Yoga is to share yoga techniques of asana (postures), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation, to foster deep calm, overall health, and self-awareness so that each student experiences continual vitality, empowerment, and self-realization.  Histories, symbolism, and philosophies of yoga are introduced to encourage wise intention, expression, and understanding in our… Continue reading Yoga Classes in Lake City, Florida