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Yoga Classes in Lake City, Florida

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The mission of Alligator Healing Arts Yoga is to share yoga techniques of asana (postures), breathing exercises (pranayama), and meditation, to foster deep calm, overall health, and self-awareness so that each student experiences continual vitality, empowerment, and self-realization.  Histories, symbolism, and philosophies of yoga are introduced to encourage wise intention, expression, and understanding in our everyday lives.


Alligator Healing Arts Yoga, or simply, “AHA! Yoga,” is the passionate work of Virginia Hill.  Virginia Hill grew up in Lake City, Florida, and is not only a seventh generation Floridian, but a seventh generation Columbia Countian.  Her first love is academia, and she served as a museum specialist and college instructor until 2012, teaching, researching, and writing in the fields of cultural theory, with emphases on theories of the self and race critical theory.  After being away from Columbia County, Florida, for eighteen years, she returned–dragging her heels, kicking, and screaming–in 2012.  Little did she know at the time, but this harrowing and most difficult period of her life would eventually transform into a time and place of renewal, opening her life to unimagined possibilities and deepest joys.  As part of her own healing path and synthesizing her years of scholarly training, she turned her long-standing yoga practice and love of learning into her life’s work.  She began offering private group classes and individual sessions in Lake City, Florida, during September 2016. 

Though most weekly classes in Lake City are presently suspended, there are many exciting yoga offerings held at Suwannee River Yoga in White Springs.  There is also one Wednesday, 10 am morning class near downtown Lake City; please contact to see if there is space.  Virginia is renovating her own private practice space, complete with refinished 1940s wooden floors, and is also working on opening a very special yoga and meditation space to the public in Lake City.  In Lake City, Private Yoga Mentoring is still available; only two serious students will be accepted.  If you would like to know more about Virginia’s training, you can read about it here.  You may also want to browse the recent feature about her in Currents Magazine.  Stay tuned to be part of this exciting growth!

Check here for the weekly class schedule.  Past classes have included Yoga for Peaceful Living, Yoga for Energy, Yoga for Strength & Vitality, and the Rest-Relax-Rejuvenate series.  Virginia also hosts workshops and special yoga events.  Her next Yoga for Beginners series–always in high demand!–begins February 2018.  This course is now full; join the community mailing list here if you are eager to join the next term.  All classes require an RSVP, and you need to check in and make sure Virginia is the right teacher for you.  She is open to teaching all levels, and takes on serious yoga and meditation students committed to their own inner growth. 

Through AHA Yoga, Virginia specializes in teaching yoga to beginners, experienced students seeking to deepen their practice, and those prepared to develop a serious meditation practice.  Virginia places special emphasis on cultivating internal peace and refinement of inner capacities of mind for those who experience various stress- and trauma-related symptoms.  Contact her for more information.   

Want to learn yoga tips and stay in the loop about upcoming series, events, and workshops?  Join Virginia’s e-mail community by subscribing here.  You can also get event reminders, inspirational tidbits, and announcements by following her on Facebook; click here, or check out yoga photos are more on our Instagram.

Please e-mail ( if you have any questions, or would like to meet the teacher.  You can also simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.   

AHA! Yoga also welcomes invitations for community yoga, which are free events that introduce yoga basics to encourage healthy lifestyles, stress reduction, and fun collaboration.  Classes are designed to serve needs of specific populations.  AHA! Yoga teaches regular people:  yoga is for everybody and every body.  The purpose of yoga is to create vitality and peace of mind.

Follow our website links for more about the instructor, class schedules, contact information, and yoga styles. For more about the physical and mental benefits of yoga, click “Why Yoga?”  New to yoga and not sure what to expect?  Read some tips here.  For types and methods of yoga that are taught at AHA! Yoga, see our discussion here.  Still not sure about yoga?  Check out some of our blog posts.

Have questions?  We’d love to hear from you and are happy to answer any inquiries.  Talking yoga is our favorite thing to do, next to practicing and studying yoga!  Use the form below, or you can also text or call (949.903.5076), e-mail (, or Facebook message us with any questions.  We look forward to practicing with you!


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